Term of the rental contract

Term of the rental contract

A rental accept Bulgaria might not be signed for a period longer than 10 years. If the contract is signed for a extended period it’s a validity just for 10 years.

In case of economic lease contract no legal restrictions limiting the utmost term are provided.

The minimum term of an agricultural lease contract is 5 agricultural years. there’s no restriction regarding the utmost term.

If after the expiration of the term of the contract the tenant continues to use the property without the objection of the lessor, the rental contract shall be deemed extended for an indefinite term.

If the lessee continues to use the property despite the objection of the lessor he owes compensation and must fulfil all obligations arising from the terminated rental contract.

Rights and Obligations of the parties
The lessor is sure to fork over the property during a state which is acceptable to the utilization it’s been leased for. Otherwise the lessee may claim its repair or a proportional reduction within the lease price, or may avoid the contract of lease, also claim damages altogether cases.

The lessee must use the property as laid out in the contract. He shall pay the rental price, also because the expenses associated with the utilization of the property.

Small repairs associated with damages which are caused by conventional use, like dirty walls within the rooms, corrosion of faucets, door locks, blockage of chimneys etc., are at the expense of the lessee.

The repair of all other damages, if they’re not caused through the lessee’s fault, is at the expense of the lessor. If the lessor fails to form these repairs, the lessee may claim its repair or a proportional reduction within the rental price, or may terminate the contract. As well, he may claim damages but only the repair is thanks to reasons the lessor is responsible for . If the lessee makes the repair himself he may deduct the value of the repair from the rent.

If not otherwise agreed between the parties, the lessee may sublease the entire or parts of the leased property without the prior consent of the lessor.

Transfer of the property during the rental contract
In case of a transfer of the property the rental contract remains valid for the agreed term with reference to the transferee as long as it had been registered with the Property Register.

A rental contract concluded in writing with notary certified signatures of the parties, but not registered with the Property Register, remains binding upon the transferee for the term stated in it or for a maximum term of 1 year from the date of transfer.

Where the rental contact isn’t notarized and registered with the Property Register but the lessee is in possession of the property, the contract shall be binding upon the transferee as a contract of lease with an indefinite term.

The lessor owes compensation to the lessee if the latter is bereft of the utilization of the leased property before the expiration of the term of the lease thanks to the transfer of the property.

Termination of the rental contract
Usually, the rental accept Bulgaria terminates with the expiry of its term.

As all kinds of contracts the rental contract can also be terminated:

by mutual consent of the parties, or
due to a contractual breach by one among the parties, or
due to objective impossibility of performance, etc.
If the contract has an indefinite term, each of the parties may terminate it with a 1 month’s prior notice. But if the lease is daily a 1 day’s notice is sufficient.

In case of termination of the contract the lessee shall return the property. He owes compensation for the damages caused during the utilization of the property, except if he proves that it’s thanks to reasons he’s not responsible for . He also owes compensation for the damages caused by members of his family or by his sub-lessees

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