Registered & Virtual Office

Enrolled and virtual office

In case you’re pondering joining and dealing with an organization in Bulgaria, you ought to likewise consider making sure about an enlisted office in the nation, on the grounds that as indicated by the Bulgarian enactment all organizations ought to have an in-nation address recorded in the Commercial Register and give charge specialists access to their office each working day somewhere in the range of 9:00 and 17:30 if there should be an occurrence of reviews, assessments and with the end goal of gathering of legitimate reports.


Each organization must follow the statutory prerequisite to keep the vast majority of its budgetary and business archives for a specific timeframe at the location of its current enlisted office. Bulgarian organizations likewise should distinguish and approve their delegate to be available inside the above-expressed working hours at their enlisted office to meet the duty authority, get and sign reports in the interest of the organization and give help with connection to such reviews and reviews.


Notwithstanding correspondence with the National Revenue Agency (NRA), the organization’s enlisted office is likewise utilized for correspondence with all other state foundations, including banks, legal officials and courts. The utilization of an invalid location or a location at which the organization has not given its approved agent may prompt genuine money related and authoritative punishments for the organization and for its executive, just as to persuasive end of the VAT enrollment, together with all the negative monetary outcomes coming about hence.


Transledo LTD Company Ltd offers a helpful, productive and moderate option in contrast to office chasing – the enrolled and virtual office administration. We give you the enrolled office each organization merits and furthermore fill in as an approved delegate of your organization.


Another part of our administration incorporates getting correspondence from your clients and accomplices. When any correspondence is gotten, we tell progressively and, upon your solicitation, letters might be filtered and sent to your email or sent abroad occasionally by means of enlisted mail or by messenger. On the off chance that you have gotten a letter in Bulgarian, we can help you with its interpretation into different dialects.


As referenced over, the enrolled office is a mandatory component of the consolidation and ensuing support of each organization and having Transledo LTD Company Ltd deal with yours sets aside you cash and exertion in managing all the guidelines and rules related with it.


So, our enlisted office and correspondence address is a long haul resource and one made accessible at adaptable, low rates that make you pay just for what you use.

What is remembered for our administration?

✔Provision of an enrolled office and correspondence address to your organization and posting it in the Commercial register
✔Our workers will go about as approved delegates of your organization and will speak to it if there should arise an occurrence of reviews and reviews by the NRA
✔Receiving correspondence and authority reports from state establishments and puts money for your organization
✔Storage of money related and business records in our office as indicated by the lawful necessity to be stayed with in the’s workplace for a specific timeframe