Bulgarian VAT registration

Bulgarian enactment accommodates two primary sorts of VAT enrollment – mandatory and intentional. Under the general principle, assessable people are obliged to enlist for VAT purposes once their assessable turnover comes to BGN 50 000 (≈ 25 560 EUR) for the last 12 sequential months.

Intentional VAT enlistment and its advantages

Be that as it may, each organization performing autonomous monetary movement may apply for intentionally VAT enlistment whenever from the principal day of its corporate enrollment as long as it has not arrived at the above edge.

The intentional enrollment is a general one and permits conclusion for any info VAT due by the beneficiary of provisions of products as well as administrations utilized for additional exhibition of assessable supplies. It is recommendable for any organization the movement of which covers more than VAT excluded supplies, for example, budgetary, protection, wellbeing, instructive, and so forth benefits.

Our experience shows that the prompt willful VAT enrollment is energetically suggested for any new organization which as of now performs or is wanting to perform assessable supplies and:

  • Requirements to make generous beginning interests in merchandise and enterprises to be utilized for execution of its future assessable supplies. In the event that VAT enlisted, the organization will be qualified for deduct the information VAT due in regard of those products or administrations; as well as
  • Plans soon after its consolidation to: 1) perform intra-network acquisitions of merchandise the aggregate sum of which will go over BGN 20 000 (≈ 10 220 EUR) inside a given schedule year, as well as 2) acquire assessable administrations with spot of supply in Bulgaria for which the organization as beneficiary should self-charge VAT, as well as 3) perform administrations with spot of supply in another EU part state. The explanation is that if your organization acquires/plays out any of the above merchandise or potentially benefits without previously having VAT enlistment it needs to apply for an exceptional one which doesn’t offer right to VAT credit due for the related info supplies.

For our customers who are intending to put resources into a Bulgarian organization the action of which will cover any of the theories we offer two elective arrangements:

  • Acquisition of a VAT enrolled instant organization. This administration spares our customers a ton of time and cash identified with the authoritative commitments identified with a VAT enrollment: drafting archives, confirmations and additionally apostille, recording, managing the duty specialists, and so on. Purchasing a VAT enrolled instant organization permits you to begin promptly any activities identified with the assessable movement of your speculation; or
  • Administrations identified with the willful VAT enlistment of your recently consolidated organization. We will deal with every single related advance and will spare you the related hustle and fight with the assessment organization. Commitments of the VAT enlisted organizations

Commitments of the VAT enlisted organizations

  • When the organization is VAT enlisted it has a commitment to give the individual VAT records: solicitations, conventions, credit/charge notes inside the statutory terms.
  • Further, it needs to pronounce its yield and information supplies through documenting VAT reports (for example Tank records, VAT return, VIES announcement) with the duty experts on a month to month premise by the fourteenth of the month following the month for which the reports are expected.
  • In the event that the month to month consequence of the organization is VAT for installment (for example at the point when the yield VAT is higher than the information VAT) it is expected inside a similar cutoff time as the one for recording of the reports.

Smaller than usual One Stop Shop (MOSS)

  • Bulgarian enactment accommodates mandatory VAT enrollment for assessable people, not set up in the nation and performing media transmission, broadcasting or electronically provided administrations to non-assessable people (B2C supplies) living in Bulgaria, except if effectively enlisted in Bulgaria on different grounds or in another EU part state under the MOSS system.
  • Such providers are obliged to apply for enlistment in Bulgaria not later than the tenth of the month following the assessable occasion of the principal supply covering the above criteria.
  • Providers enlisted under the MOSS system are obliged to apply the VAT rate material in the EU part state where the individual non-assessable beneficiary is found.

Fees and optional services

Service Price in EUR
VAT registration € 99
MOSS registration € 100
Pasting an apostille on the VAT certificate € 50

What is remembered for our administration?

✔Arrangement of the reports for VAT enlistment (bookkeeping records of the organization, application structures and assertions which must be notarised by the chief of the organization abroad)
✔Interpretation and authorization of the archives notarised abroad
✔Our officials will continue as appropriately approved delegates of your organization and will speak to it for the motivations behind filling the application for VAT enrollment, just as the reviews performed by the NRA
✔Receipt of the VAT enrollment declaration with interpretation in English