About us

Welcome to Transledo LTD

Transledo LTD is a experienced company in business consulting. Our professional network of international accountant, Lawyers, Notary offices and Translator make us to your best partner to open your company to Bulgaria.


The flat taxation of only 10% give you the best chance to increase your business profit especially for online marketing company and for those who work remotely.


We can manage your company, offering you a all inclusive solution to open your company in Bulgaria only with a unique travel.


Transledo have a fast, experienced and well organized network that in only 1 Day, exactly couple of hours, will give you the opportunity to open your company, bank account and European VAT number at the same time!

We provide all necessary documents and prepare all official translation before the opening of the company in Bulgaria, you need only to travel one time to Bulgaria and after you can start making more profit with the lowest taxation in the European Union of only 10%.


Transledo help you to open your company in Bulgaria with a European VAT Number also to get a Leasing Car, make Real Estate Investment in the booming property Market in Sofia and other areas.


We can help you with our experience and network to be on the safe site and not losing time with research, questions or similar, you just need to contact us to have the best free consulting to get the first information about how to open your company in Bulgaria.


The Bulgarian Market is very dynamic and create daily new opportunity, don’t lose more time contact us, write us a email with your questions and information, subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about new business opportunity.


We talk your language, our personal is experienced international multi language so we can communicate in your language like Italian,Spanish,German or English.


After the Brexit the UK will be only in 2020 in the European VAT System, so in 2021 if you want to save also lot of time with Invoicing if you are a UK company you should start seriously to start planning your incorporation to Bulgaria. Open your company in Bulgaria in only 1 Day and be the first after the Brexit to pay only 10% Taxes and have the advantage of a European VAT Number.


We can provide Managing, Business Consulting, Translation, Online Marketing, Website and this will let save you not only time but also big amount of money that you deserve for your private life.


Don’t pay more taxes than necessary contact Transledo LTD today for a free consulting and we will be back to you with a tailor made special offer to open your company in Bulgaria.


In few years the introduction of the Euro as official currency, probably in 2022, will stabilize the safety of the already growing economical bulgaria market. Stable and International Banks and Insurance together with a digital fiscal system make Bulgaria one of the best country to open your company in Europe with a valid VAT number.


Import/Export, Online Business, E-Commerce whatever your business is we can help you maximize your profit opening a company in Bulgaria.

You can open a company in Bulgaria with Transledo LTD only with a capital of 1€, then u will have only once a year a corporate tax of 10%, Dividend of only 5% and European VAT of 0%!!!


Our offer include registering of address in Bulgaria, if wished also we can help you for permission of residence for the shareholder or manager of your Bulgarian company, if you don’t want to let manage your company.


Transledo LTD is a experienced partner also for online banking and international provider payments solution integrated with your Bulgarian online banking such as Paypal, Payoneer, Transferweise or similar that help making faster and smarter your business and get international payments from your clients worldwide.


Also the low taxation of Real Estate Property and the increasing value of the property in Bulgaria can give you a stable return of investment from 5% yearly. Contact us and ask about investment opportunity in Bulgaria after opening your company. You will need only 10% of the value of the real estate and the bank will help you with the rest amount with a house loan.


If you have any questions, doubt, concerns about how to open a company in Bulgaria and get your european VAT Number put your best email and phone number we will send us a special offer and any explanation and we can also call you anytime for a free consulting.


Transledo LTD is welcoming you in our office in Petrich, south of Bulgaria, 2 Hours from Sofia Airport and only 1 Hour from Thessaloniki Airport in Greece where we can also pick you up and organize a transfer to open your company in Bulgaria in 1 day.

  • To open a company in Bulgaria, you need only to choose the name of your company and inform us about the activity.
  • After you need only to decide how high will be the capital of the company and how many shareholder have the company, 1 person company of course is the easy and fastest way.
  • Each shareholder need to come one time to Bulgaria or sign the documentation to open the company in the nearest Bulgarian Embassy.
  • If you manage your company by your self we will give you our consulting to prepare all necessary authorization to get all you need for a international business.
  • If you don’t want to search for a Manager we can provide full management solution for your company in Bulgaria.
  • Contact us today for a Free Consulting how to open a company in Bulgaria in 1 Day and choose Transledo LTD as experienced partner on your site to maximize your profit and investment.
  • Move today to the 10% corporate tax country and enjoy a European VAT number and EUR bank account with business card.