Why Bulgari?

Bulgaria has become a very interesting choice for opening a business because of the business benefits it provides but also because of the clear tax and human resources benefits it has over other European countries.

Reason for investors choosing Bulgaria.

Advantages of Location :

Bulgaria can be a strategic place for doing business in Europe due to the good location, surrounded by the Black Sea to the east, Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia as well as Greece as well Turkey. The country positions itself in southeastern Europe, with a territory of 112,994 square KM, being the 13th largest country of Europe.


Great Business opportunities in bulgaria: with a population of over 7.2 million peoples, Bulgaria is urbanized and has its commercial and cultural activities centered on the capital, Sofia, which is also the largest city of the country. In terms of business sectors, the most important economic fields are: power engineering, and heavy industry, agriculture, and they depend on natural resources. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, Council of Europe and NATO which grants unified EU Laws and offers a convenient degree of political and business stability.


Low costs business: the country has a very attractive tax regime, with one f the lowest corporate income taxes in Europe and also a low personal income tax; the costs related to labor are also very low when compared to those in Belgium, France, Germany, or other countries in the europe.
Huge Good workforce: the country not only has low labor costs but also a skilled and multilingual workforce available in huge crowd.


Low corporate taxes and employment costs

In regards to company taxes, in Bulgaria, a company is taxed based on its profit, but it is different from turnover, more specifically, the tax is applied on the profit generated after all expenses have been removed from the total amount. The rate of the profit tax is 10%

A simplified registration process

When it comes to opening a business in Bulgaria, one may benefit from many advantages, such as a symbolical lowest required capital, worth 2 BGN for the private limited liability company and a very clear and simple registration process. The whole process for a company to register in Bulgaria will generally last a few days and only in some cases, it can last up to max two weeks.


The most widely-used types of companies in Bulgaria are the limited liability company (for small or medium-sized businesses), the joint-stock company (for larger businesses), as well as the branch of a foreign company . Companies need to be registered with the Commercial Register and certain fees will apply for this process which is very low.


A notable advantage in opening a business in Bulgaria lies in the possibility of using a power of attorney to open the company and it is not mandatory for the beneficial owner to be present in Bulgaria when registering the company. Our team can provide additional information about how we can help you.


Another important factor is that there are no running costs for the company; therefore, if the company was registered but it does not have any activity, it is not subject to financial obligations. Nevertheless, the legal entity is required to submit an annual tax return, a very simple process that can be made using accounting services or directly by the company’s manager.


Investors should keep in mind that, apart from the easy company registration, they will also need to pay attention to other requirements, such as EORI registration, in some cases.


In addition, Bulgaria has signed agreements for avoidance of double taxation with countries such as the United Kingdom, Turkey or Russia, meaning that a company that has operating both in Bulgaria and in another signatory state will pay taxes only in the country where that income is derived from.

Other costs for a company in Bulgaria are in regards to salaries and social insurances for the employees. However, the country has a lower minimum wage, compared to other EU countries, as well as low social insurance costs even if the personnel is well trained (19.62% for the employer and 12.78% for the employee).

Promotion for investments in certain sectors

⦁ production of electricity from renewable sources
⦁ manufacturing
⦁ computer technologies as well in IT field and hardware
⦁ research and development
⦁ human health care or education

Competitive advantages on the Bulgarian market

⦁ it has the very low operational cost in europe;
⦁ very low total average monthly compensation.
⦁ very highly skilled labor;